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Practice Awards

Practice awards are given to those practices and individuals nominated by a member of the MOQC Coordinating Center who have demonstrated one of MOQC’s core values. If you would like to nominate a practice or individual, please send a quick story of how they have exemplified a core value to

Trust & Integrity

Our reliability, transparency and openess build trust.

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Our deep respect and appreciation for others creates an environment for all to flourish.

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We make our best decisions as a group.
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Growth Mindset

We are flexible – growing, innovating, and embracing new ideas.

The names listed here are individuals and practices about whom MOQC team members have shared stories celebrating those values.

Thank you for making a difference and for exemplifying what shows MOQC at our best!

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Beaumont Gynecologic Oncology

Stefany Acosta-Torres, Tina Benford, Kristin Davis, Tiffany Johnson, Theresa Miller, Michele North, Shonie Parker, Natalie Puraj, Gabrielle Sinauskas, Anne Waters


To support and celebrate the recent participation agreement between Beaumont Gynecologic Oncology and MOQC, the Beaumont team has scheduled regular meetings to ensure that EMR access and patient lists are running smoothly for the MOQC abstraction team. They have shown dedication to the pursuit of quality improvement, and we are so excited to continue to partner with them.

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Covenant HealthCare

Marcia Rau & Jennifer Blakeslee-Wilber


Marcia and Jennifer have worked hard toward improving the health and well-being of patients seen within their health system. They have collaborate with MOQC and with colleagues across their health system to improve quality of care.

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Henry Ford Health

Kelly Bristow


Kelly has been a huge asset in the testing of the MOQCLink site. She has given a tremendous amount of feedback; her expertise and use of the system is so appreciated. She has provided very thorough details of ideas, found a few errors, and provided feedback about how to improve the new site during out testing stages.

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MHP Oakland

Dr. Ayham Ashkar


Dr. Ashkar is thoughtful and compassionate to his patients during end-of-life discussions.