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JUNE 16, 2023

MOQC June 2023 Biannual Meeting

Welcome and Overview + POQC, Steering Committee, and Equity Task Force Updates

MOQC Practice Performance & Discussion

The Voice of the Caregiver

Keynote: Improving Cancer Care Quality through Palliative Care Integration

Palliative Care and End-of-Life Task Force Update

Harnessing Patient-Reported Outcomes for Symptom Management and Decision Making

PROs Update

Palliative Care Access & Referral Patterns

Responding to Patient Needs – POEM

OCTOBER 1, 2022

Gynecologic Oncology Biannual Meeting

OCTOBER 9, 2021

Gynecologic Oncology Biannual Meeting

JUNE 19, 2020

MOQC Biannual Meeting