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MOQC Excellence in Quality Certification Overview

MOQC Excellence in Quality Certification provides medical and gynecologic oncology practices the opportunity to be recognized for the high-quality care they provide patients.

Certification will be contingent upon demonstrated commitment to quality, value, and collaboration in service of the people in Michigan who have cancer and their loved ones. The standards selected for certification will be associated with substantial decreases in variations in care and in costs of care. Performance on all performance metrics will be obtained through either medical record abstraction or through site visits.

Practice Benefits

Patients will benefit by receiving high value and safe cancer care that is based on clinical need rather than which oncologist they see. Unwarranted variation in receipt of care is widespread in medical care and is the primary way in which we identify areas for improvement. Care should not be more dependent on the oncologist they see than on the clinical appropriateness of a given therapy. Patient experiences of care will improve through the certification process.

The MOQC certification process will address inequities in quality of care. MOQC certification is available to all MOQC practices regardless of size or resources. In addition, MOQC certification will require efforts to address social needs and disparities through the creation of an Equity Action Plan.

Specific benefits to practices that are certified will include:

  1. 12% VBR to offset the costs of care transformation
  2. Recognition as a MOQC Excellence in Quality-certified practice

Practices that are certified will receive the 12% VBR in place of the current MOQC VBR opportunities. Practices that choose not to pursue MOQC certification or do not meet certification requirements will continue to be eligible for the current MOQC VBR. Participation in the certification program is entirely voluntary.

Please note, the VBR associated with POEM participation is separate and distinct from MOQC certification.

For more information on MEQC Certification:

Shayna Weiner, MPH

Shayna Weiner, MPH

Senior Project Manager

Ashley Bowen, MS, RD, CHC

Ashley Bowen, MS, RD, CHC

Senior Project Manager

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