Tobacco Cessation Program

Helping patients quit the use of tobacco products improves the efficacy of their treatment and lowers the odds of recurrence or developing a second primary. Our Tobacco Cessation Program is free to all patients with a cancer diagnosis residing in the state of Michigan. To support your patients in quitting any tobacco product, click here.


Identify a Patient Advocate

If a patient is unable to make health care decisions themselves, a Patient Advocate (also known as a Health Care Proxy) can facilitate the patient’s wishes. Your patients may not know that the option to appoint someone exists. To learn how to support your patients in identifying a Patient Advocate, click here.


QOPI Data Abstraction

MOQC endorses oncology practices to use the ASCO-QOPI platform to collect and access practice and site-specific data. MOQC then receives practice data aggregated at the state level to identify gaps in quality care and to build programs to support practices in closing those gaps. To learn more, click here.


Oral Oncolytics

The MOQC oral oncolytic initiative aims to improve the quality of care provided to patients receiving oral oncolytic therapy throughout Michigan. The initiative supports practices in conducting current state assessments, implementing quality improvement processes and providing resources including documentation templates, patient and staff education and patient-reported outcomes (PRO). Read more.


MOQC’s Gynecological Oncology (Gyn-Onc) initiative aims to improve the timeliness of treatment and quality of care in patients with gynecologic cancers within the state of Michigan. Read more.