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The MOQC Oral Oncolytics initiative aims to improve the quality of care provided to patients receiving oral oncolytic therapy throughout Michigan. The initiative supports practices in conducting current state assessments, implementing quality improvement processes, and providing resources including documentation templates, patient and staff education, and patient-reported outcomes (PROs).

Practice Benefits

  • Access to current patient and nursing resources for all oral anticancer medications
  • Sharing best practices and processes
  • Available performance data in the area of oral anticancer
  • Support for publishing results

Practice Enrollment Summary

The MOQC Oral Oncolytic Initiative provides Michigan oncology practices with patient and practice resources for managing oral oncolytic therapy. The initiative goal is to support practices in the enhancement of patient care and the adherence to local and national quality measures, specifically targeted at oral oncolytic therapy.

Description of Practice Involvement

  • Completion of baseline self-assessment tool and post-engagement self-assessment
  • Collection of metrics including oral oncolytic start date and symptom and adherence monitoring at project baseline and post-engagement
  • Gap assessment with change improvement focused on practice-prioritized quality oral oncolytic metrics.
      • Completed by patient via patient portal (preferred), paper, phone or online survey
      • Record of interventions to be documented
      • Participation in symptom and adherence PRO assessment as part of routine care – data shared with MOQC
  • Completion of MOQC feedback survey following participation in the Oral Initiative
Oral Oncolytic Resources

Description of MOQC Resources

  • Site visits/phone calls as needed
  • Support in identifying gaps in care and targeted quality improvement measures
  • Data analysis and report to practice
  • Support in abstract, poster and/or manuscript writing and submission
  • Support in outcome summary for PO or hospital/clinic administration
      • Focus on self-care management
      • Can be revised by practice
      • Updated documents stored online
      • Medication education documents
  • Oral oncolytic binder which provides a variety of tools to enhance quality improvement efforts and adherence to QOPI measures

Meet the Oral Oncolytic Team

Emily Mackler, PharmD, BCOP

Emily Mackler, PharmD, BCOP

Director, POEM

Karen Farris, PhD

Karen Farris, PhD


Ashley Bowen, MS, RD

Ashley Bowen, MS, RD

Senior Project Manager

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