Patient and Caregiver Oncology Quality Council (POQC)

The Patient and Caregiver Oncology Quality Council (POQC) is composed of patients and their caregivers, representing their experiences with a variety of cancers across the state of Michigan. POQC members support MOQC’s Steering Committee and practices by guiding the development of new projects, providing input and critical feedback about patient care and caregiver experiences.

The commitment of this group is a two-year term. MOQC physicians and practice members can nominate a patient or caregiver from their practice at any time.

Members participate in bi monthly teleconferences, and annual regional and biannual meetings. Members choose how they wish to participate, reviewing and providing feedback on documents, taking part in a panel at a meeting, sharing their story with practices, and developing new quality improvement projects.  See the POQC description document for additional details and distribution.

For more information about POQC, please contact