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Practice Spotlight

Corewell Health LogoCorewell Health East Gynecologic Oncology has an excellent care team of staff and providers, including 5 gynecologic oncologists –
Dr. Barry Rosen, Dr. Zaid Al-Wahab, Dr. Jill Gadzinski, Dr. Kevin McCool, and Dr. Stefany Acosta-Torres—who provide care throughout Southeast Michigan at Royal Oak, Dearborn, Troy, Grosse Pointe, and Farmington Hills.

Over the last two years, their division has grown significantly with the merger with Spectrum Health, the addition of Dr. McCool and Dr. Acosta-Torres, and the expansion to a clinic in Farmington Hills.

Given the rapid advancements in medical and health services research within gynecologic oncology, their group has adapted by building a multidisciplinary HIPEC program, implementing a weekly multidisciplinary tumor board, expanding their clinical trial portfolio, and participating in MOQC. Their goal with participating in MOQC is to continue to implement and establish standards of care supported by strong scientific evidence. Corewell Health East Gynecologic Oncology therefore plans to implement the four 2023 MOQC initiatives:

  1. tobacco cessation and counseling,
  2. initiating chemotherapy within 28 days of surgery,
  3. using the opioid calculator to determine postoperative opioid needs,
  4. and consistently documenting family history for a patient with known cancer.