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Financial Navigation Workgroup Update

MOQC’s work on financial navigation has been developing. MOQC is now in discussions with the Patient Advocate Foundation, or PAF, a national non-profit organization that provides case management services and financial aid to Americans with chronic, life-threatening, and debilitating illnesses. This work will focus on understanding how we can build a support system for patients’ and caregivers’ social and financial needs that stem from social determinants, or rather social drivers, of health.

We are working with PAF on a proposal that will be submitted for funding to the Gilead Foundation, a non-profit organization that supports strategies that advance health through education. If approved, we envision a three-year project with two phases.

During Year 1/Phase 1, we will identify three small MOQC practices to better understand the current state of screening and referral processes for social and financial needs. We will then start developing patient- and caregiver-informed standards on how to screen and identify gaps. These will be informed by best practice standards and conversations with patients and caregivers. During Year 2-3/Phase 2, we will identify and document approaches on how the practices can successfully integrate the co-developed screening and referral processes into clinical workflows.

Together with our practice partners and POQC we will identify quality metrics that are meaningful to patients and caregivers so we can measure performance as we go. We expect this to be a very engaging project and look forward to co-developing this project with MOQC practices and our POQC members.

In addition to MOQC’s work with PAF, POQC is working on creating patient-facing materials related to financial navigation and education. Please see the POQC-created flyer on COBRA.