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Meal Delivery Update

Comfort Cuisine

Comfort Cuisine LogoMOQC and Healthy Behavior Optimization for Michigan (HBOM) have partnered to bring a meal delivery pilot forward, addressing food insecurity in patients undergoing cancer treatment. With input from POQC, this program was named “Comfort Cuisine: Delivering care one meal at a time”.

MOQC will work with a site from each region in medical oncology and one gynecologic oncology site to identify 50 patients and their caregivers who are food insecure to participate in a four-week quality improvement program. Patients who meet criteria will receive up to 14 meals per week for 4 weeks, along with nutrition education materials, and community support resources.

The purpose of this pilot is to:

  • Increase access to nutrient-rich foods for individuals with cancer.
  • Support adequate nutrition intake throughout cancer treatment.
  • Promote overall well-being.

POQC members have worked with MOQC and HBOM throughout the vendor selection process to sample the meals and provide feedback. The selected meal vendor, Mom’s Meals, will deliver the ready-to-eat nutrient-dense meals that are high in energy and protein to meet the needs of patients undergoing treatment. Menus can also be modified to fit the specific nutrient needs of your patients. Mom’s Meals has assured us they can deliver to any address in Michigan by utilizing UPS and FedEx along with their own delivery vehicles.

Sustainability is always top of mind, and MOQC and HBOM hope to demonstrate the impact of this program to third-party payers and increase community resources around food access. Mom’s Meals works with Medicaid, Medicare, and private insurance companies to provide meal assistance to those in need. Educational resources will also be developed and provided to help with side effects that may affect nutritional status throughout cancer treatment and community resources for food access.

Contract negotiations and the institutional review board review have been completed and we’ll be reaching out to sites who have expressed interest with next steps.