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Practice Awards

Practice awards are given to those practices and individuals nominated by a member of the MOQC Coordinating Center who have demonstrated one of MOQC’s core values. If you would like to nominate a practice or individual, please send a quick story of how they have exemplified a core value to

Trust & Integrity

Our reliability, transparency and openess build trust.

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Our deep respect and appreciation for others creates an environment for all to flourish.

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We make our best decisions as a group.
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Growth Mindset

We are flexible – growing, innovating, and embracing new ideas.

The names listed here are individuals and practices about whom MOQC team members have shared stories celebrating those values.

Thank you for making a difference and for exemplifying what shows MOQC at our best!

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Angela Hospice

Reverend Diane Smith

Compassion Icon Growth Mindset Icon

Genesee Hematology Oncology

Dr. Khalil Katato

Trust & Integrity Icon Collaboration Icon

Henry Ford Health

Kelly Bristow

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Henry Ford Health Gyn Onc

Jared Stone

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Karmanos Cancer Network

Lauren Lawrence

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KCI at McLaren Flint

Dr. Benjamin Mize

Trust & Integrity Icon Collaboration Icon

Munson Healthcare

Cindy Michelin

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Sparrow Herbert-Herman Cancer Center

Dan Phillips, Taylor Herlein, and Dr. Gordon Srkalovic

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Abstraction Team

Megan Beaudrie, Therese Hecksel, and Colleen Schwartz