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Quality Project Update

Tobacco Cessation Program

Smoking tobacco is a chronic, relapsing condition. As described in the article – “COVID-19 and the ‘Lost Year’ for Smokers Trying to Quit,” it was disheartening although not unexpected that smoking cessation was a challenge nationally in 2020. This was reflected in reductions in Quitline call volumes and clinician referrals. The MOQC Tobacco Cessation Initiative has delivered steady performance improvement across Michigan since 2014. It is notable that MOQC practices performed well above the national QOPI average, even as COVID-19 caused disruptions in care, cancellations of follow up visits, and shortening of appointments for cancer survivors.

As a reminder, any patient with cancer is eligible to receive the following free services after signing up with the Quitline:

  • Free nicotine replacement therapy if not covered by insurance
  • Free behavioral modification telephonic counselling and follow up, including text messaging

The following are some of the tobacco cessation materials that are available on the MOQC website or that can be ordered for your practice:

  • Scripts for medical assistants and front-office/check-in/check-out staff to use when discussing smoking cessation with patients
  • Office and examination room posters
  • Smoking cessation video that can be played in waiting area or on tablets

Your leadership and partnership with MOQC on this initiative is curbing tobacco use across Michigan, and improving patient outcomes.