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Data Engine Update

A huge Thank You! to the task force that met earlier this year to review our potential data vendors. We are currently in the contracting process with a new vendor. The transition to the new database is expected to begin in 2022.

Taskforce members are included below:

  • Jennifer Griggs
  • Dave Bolen
  • Shayna Weiner
  • Cindy Michalek
  • Emily Mackler
  • Matt Callow
  • Heather Behring
  • Ermili Potka
  • Jisha Panicker
  • Kleo Kolizeras
  • Heather Spotts
  • Cynthia Fenimore
  • Sharon Kim
  • Kate Schumaker
  • Lucinda Michelin
  • Ernie Balcueva
  • Llewellyn Drong
  • Tom Gribbin
  • Tracey Cargill-Smith
  • Heather Somand (consultant)

MOQC will no longer be entering data into the QOPI database beginning in December 2022. What does this mean for your practice?

Our practice is QOPI-certified. What does the database change mean for us?
QOPI will continue to accept data for practices that are QOPI-certified and would like to remain QOPI-certified. QOPI certification involves contributing data to the QOPI database twice a year. Some practices request the option to submit data once a year from QOPI. MOQC has been paying for the costs of data abstraction for QOPI-certified practices. After our contract with QOPI ends, we will no longer be paying for abstraction into the QOPI database. Your practice may, of course, continue to participate in the QOPI QCP pathway. Most practices are choosing not to do so. If you have any questions, please reach out to us at We understand that this is a big change for QOPI-certified practices.

How can we find out if our practice is QOPI-certified?
The majority of practices in Michigan are not QOPI-certified. There are currently 16 QOPI-certified practices in Michigan, a higher number than in nearly any other state (in large part due to the sponsorship by BCBSM). This interactive map will show you which practices are QOPI-certified across the country and in Michigan. In general, because QOPI-certification requires in-person site visits by staff from the American Society of Clinical Oncology, practices are aware if they are QOPI-certified.