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POQC Update

MOQC’s Patient and Caregiver Oncology Quality Council (POQC) members are leading the way by focusing their expertise on four active workgroups: Caregiver Resources, Financial Resources, Racial Disparities in Gynecologic Cancer, and Recruitment.

The Patient and Caregiver Resources workgroup is developing a catalog with national, state, and local resources based on certain categories, including Support for the Caregiver, Support for the Patient, and Diagnosis or Disease Type.

The Financial Resources workgroup has partnered with Dr. Minal Patel. With her leadership, they are crafting a session for the January MOQC Biannual Meeting to address financial toxicity and financial navigation. The session will offer participants the opportunity to discuss patient cases related to financial navigation. This dialogue will segue into the creation of checklist draft, based on the identified needs of participants.

The Racial Disparities workgroup received a grant from the Cornell Center for Health Equity to study the healthcare experiences of black women with gynecologic cancer. The grant will allow the group to conduct a qualitative, focus-group based study with women from several locations in Michigan, New York, and Illinois.

The Recruitment workgroup is developing a systematic approach to expanding the number of POQC members. POQC has long been interested in representing a broader patient voice by including medically-underserved patients and caregivers, as well as patients and caregivers in all minority groups. For more details, see recruitment handouts for Patients and for Practices on the MOQC website.

Practices are always welcome to put forward potential patients or caregivers who are interested in joining POQC. Please contact MOQC project manager Vanessa Aron for more information.