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Practice Awards

Practice awards are given to those practices and individuals nominated by a member of the MOQC Coordinating Center who have demonstrated one of MOQC’s core values. If you would like to nominate a practice or individual, please send a quick story of how they have exemplified a core value to

Trust & Integrity

Our reliability, transparency and openess build trust.

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Our deep respect and appreciation for others creates an environment for all to flourish.

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We make our best decisions as a group.
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Growth Mindset

We are flexible – growing, innovating, and embracing new ideas.

The names listed here are individuals and practices about whom MOQC team members have shared stories celebrating those values.

Thank you for making a difference and for exemplifying what shows MOQC at our best!

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Bronson Cancer Center


The Bronson team has reached out multiple times to assist in understanding and increasing their quality measures surrounding data abstraction. They have inquired about how other practices compare and what they have found most helpful. Their conversations & actions have clearly shown their compassion toward their patients and their commitment to improve.

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Great Lakes Cancer Management Specialists

Jerome Seid


Dr. Seid’s interview at MOQC’s Biannual Meeting made it clear that he exhibited courage, taking risks in his role in Congress during his sabbatical, curiosity, and commitment to the well-being of people with hematologic malignancies. His colleagues at his practice cared for his patients so well in his absence, collaborating in the best way possible.

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Sparrow Health System

Melissa Steller


Melissa is always prompt in her communications, and she brings a sense of enthusiasm for collaboration and quality improvement that is contagious. She is always looking for ways to partner or help.

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Spectrum Health


Physician Champion Dr. Gregory Gressel and Practice Manager Tammy Anderson attended the June 2022 Medical Oncology Biannual Meeting to learn more about MOQC and meet with project manager Vanessa Aron for an overview of gynecologic oncology data, measures, and targets. They have both demonstrated a strong commitment to improving patient care.