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POQC Welcomes New Members

MOQC’s Patient and Caregiver Quality Council (POQC)’s Recruitment and Retention Workgroup (formerly the Recruitment Workgroup) has been hard at work recruiting new members. Eight new members joined the Council in Quarter 1, 2022 and two new members joined in Quarter 2, 2022, bringing the membership of POQC to eighteen total members.

A huge welcome and thank you goes out to:

Rachael Christianson
Steve Clark
Michael Dudley
Beth Fisher-Polasky
Jennifer Nagy
Chris Polasky
Rosanne Prucka
Mia Smith
Christine Stockdale
Matt Ward

This expansion makes it possible for representation of more patient and caregiver populations within Michigan to have voices that are heard and included in quality improvement efforts for cancer care. The heart of what makes MOQC valuable and impactful has always been informed by patient, survivor, and caregiver leadership and service. Recruitment of medically underserved and minoritized members increases awareness of challenges to high quality care among patients at all levels of the collaborative. Amplifying the experiences of POQC members and paying for their time and expertise has been essential in honoring that experience and paying respect. Quality improvement should be applicable to all people who have experienced cancer.

POQC members attend and actively participate in all collaborative decision-making meetings hosted by MOQC, including the Steering Committee, the Measures Committee, all task forces, all advisory boards, and biannual and regional meetings. POQC members are also invited to monthly team meetings of the coordinating center.

For more information about POQC, please contact us at