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Interprofessional Development

Interprofessional development (IPD) refers to the collaborative and continuous learning process among various healthcare professionals involved in patient care. This approach recognizes the diverse expertise each team member brings to the table and aims to enhance communication, coordination, and overall patient outcomes. Every team member plays a crucial role in the patient journey.

The topic of IPD was brought forward by MOQC practices interested in expanding oncology education to their larger oncology teams. Inspired by our members’ desire to expand oncology education, we started by gathering additional feedback at the fall 2023 regional meetings. POQC members shared personal stories and led the discussion on interprofessional development, and the following topics were discussed during this session with attendees:

  • What does this initiative make possible?
  • What topics could be covered?
  • What roles could be included in interprofessional development?

Consortium members were asked for volunteers to participate in an IPD workgroup. The first workgroup meeting was held in December 2023 to review the discussion points from the regional meeting, expand upon ideas shared, review options for MOQC and practice-led educational opportunities as well as how to share this information consortium-wide. Additionally, the workgroup will work on evaluating resources for incorporating IPD into all practices. MOQC is looking forward to sharing exciting opportunities for IPD in the coming months.

We believe IPD should be a collaborative effort. Let us know your thoughts and suggestions. Please reach out if you have any ideas on IPD, educational opportunities that can be shared with the consortium, or if you have any questions.

MOQC would like to thank the IPD workgroup members for their valuable input on this important initiative.