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PRO Task Force

Call for members to join MOQC Task Force on Patient-Reported Outcomes

As part of MOQC’s 2022 strategic plan, we are excited to launch an effort to collect patient-reported outcomes (PROs) in practices. We are in the process of forming a PRO task force and we are asking for your help in populating that task force. We know that many practices have experience with collecting patient-reported outcomes as part of your participation in OCTET, the study for which Dr. Friese was the principal investigator, and in PROMOnc, our CMS-funded work.

The patient-reported outcomes task force will help MOQC develop a plan to engage practices across Michigan in collecting, analyzing, and acting upon information shared directly from patients. It will be essential to do this work in a way that is perceived as valuable to practices and patients in our goal to support interdisciplinary teams in providing the best cancer care to all of our patients.

We hope to meet at least monthly through June. Immediate activities will include:

  1. Planning a panel presentation for the June Biannual meeting on the importance of collecting PROs
  2. Establishing key principles for a MOQC effort in collecting/reporting/acting upon PROs. What should we collect? How often? From whom? And in what formats?

We are interested in having clinicians (physicians, advanced practice providers, pharmacists, and nurses) and practice leaders join us. POQC and other patient and caregiver representatives will also join the task force. If you would be interested in joining us, please contact Shayna Weiner at We will work to schedule task force meetings at times that work for your schedule.

PROs are defined as information about a patient’s health that comes directly from the patient and can include symptoms, patient satisfaction, and impact on all domains of patient well-being.