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Letter from the Program Director

We’re sending this out after an extremely successful June Biannual Meeting. Reading that, you may wonder how we define “success”. Success is a reflection of your engagement and your feedback. Read on to learn more about the highlights of the meeting. 

We are so excited to report that the MOQC Certification Pathway was approved by our partners at BCBSM. Many thanks to the MOQC Certification Task Force members. Practices will be invited to apply for certification, associated with a 12% VBR, in the fall. In the meantime, we are seeking your comments and questions. You have received an email with everything you need to know about certification and a brief Qualtrics form during the Open Comment period from June 20 – July 20. Please read through the description of the certification pathway and let us know what questions, ideas, and comments you have. We will make any revisions that are in line with the purpose and possibility of the proposal before finalizing it.

We are pleased to announce that MOQC received a grant to explore and develop a statewide oncology stewardship program. This idea was born based on your appetite for harmonizing care across Michigan. You may remember that, during and after the January Biannual Meeting, Lydia Benitez, PharmD, BCOP reviewed the principles of stewardship in our field. During the spring regional meetings, we collected names of hematologists-oncologists whom you nominated across the state. We are inviting those you nominated to be part of this effort.

We are also pleased to report that MOQC and Healthy Behavior Optimization for Michigan (HBOM) received a grant to conduct a pilot of providing free meals and meal delivery to patients experiencing food insecurity. We will be disseminating more information soon. The long-term goal is to obtain a large federal or foundation grant to extend this work throughout the state.

We look forward to meeting you in your practice (either in person or via Zoom) to review your data, find out more about what you need to meet your patient care and performance goals, and to share resources that we have. The real reason to meet with you, however, is to learn from you as we always do.

Have a wonderful summer,

Dr. Jennifer Griggs
Program Director