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POQC Update

Recruitment and Retention Team: This workgroup plans to add more members in 2023. They hope to include more patients and caregivers from different areas in Michigan, different cancer types, and different backgrounds, especially those usually overlooked. For 2023, they are focusing on a more diverse representation in racial and ethnic minorities, the LGBTQIA+ community, individuals with disabilities, and armed services experience.

Financial Navigation Team: This group continues to work on a program to help patients and caregivers across Michigan manage their medical costs through financial navigation. They’re hoping to partner with the Patient Advocate Foundation, a national nonprofit group that helps people with serious illnesses handle their medical costs and care.

Patient and Caregiver Resources Team: This team is adding more helpful resources to MOQC’s
online help site, They are also working on getting a grant to start a program that gives extra help and navigation to caregivers.

With the support of MOQC’s coordinating center, POQC members are more than willing to visit practices and share the extensive range of resources with clinic staff.

Keep in touch to know more about what POQC is doing to help improve cancer care. Together, we can make things better for cancer patients and caregivers in Michigan.