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Letter from the Program Director

One of MOQC’s strategic objectives is to generate trusted data. Our work requires that our practices and others believe that the data we present is a true reflection of the care delivered to patients across the state of Michigan. Threats to trusted data are insufficient numbers of patients for each measure, measures that do not accurately capture attributes of care, and errors in data collection. 

Our new database, MOQCLink, offers us the opportunity to enhance your trust in our data. You will be able to see your data as soon as it’s entered, we will be able to make changes to our measures in response to feedback from you, and we will be able to provide physician and practice dashboards that answer your pressing questions. In addition, your efforts to increase the numbers of patients reflected in the data–the focus of last fall’s regional meetings–will provide more information about your successes and areas where we need to continue to provide resources and other support. Increasing the numbers of patients in our database will also allow us to demonstrate improvements in our commitment to increasing equity in cancer care. In order to harmonize data collection, we have created a series of videos about each of the measures we collect. We are grateful to our project managers and abstractors who created these videos. 

As always, we need your input. We are interested in knowing what you would like to measure. We want to hear your questions about your practice’s performance. We want to increase your trust in your data. Reach out anytime and consider joining the annual meeting of the Measures Committee – this year held over the summer after the biannual meeting.

Read on to see what else is happening in MOQC.

Dr. Jennifer Griggs
Program Director