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New MOQC Team Member Spotlight

We are excited to introduce a new member of our team, Faith Mather (pronouns: she/her). Faith is a graduate student intern with MOQC, pursuing her master’s degree in Healthcare Administration. Faith is a registered dietitian and completed her dietetic internship with Michigan Medicine in 2018. From there, she worked in rehabilitation services, acute care, and long-term care at Michigan Medicine. She obtained a certification in nutrition support in 2020.

Faith hopes to gain hands-on experience with quality improvement and project management during her time with MOQC. Primarily, she is working on a nutrition-related initiative to bring nutritional resources to low-income patients with cancer. Her favorite thing about the MOQC team is how incredibly welcoming and kind they have been from the start!

When not working with MOQC, Faith can be found cooking a new recipe, taking a spin class on her stationary bike, or hanging on the floor with her baby and dog. She and her husband go outside daily with the family to enjoy fresh air and spend a lot of time in Ann Arbor’s green nature preserves.