Advance Care Planning Collaborative

Advance Care Planning (ACP) is a dynamic process that includes a range of elements that may vary depending on individual patient and family needs. At a minimum, ACP includes: clarifying patients’ understanding of their illness and treatment options; understanding patients’ values, beliefs, and goals of care; identifying patients’ wishes; and identifying a patient advocate.

Oncologists and their health care team are essential to advance care planning for patients with cancer. However, numerous potential barriers to advance care planning exist, including the availability of trained staff with the time, competence, and confidence to discuss advance care planning with patients as well as the organizational commitment, policies, and resources to ensure ACP is efficiently and effectively integrated in the oncology practice.

Tobacco Cessation Collaborative: Apply Now!

UPDATE: The Michigan Tobacco Quitline has renewed the free program for cancer patients in Michigan through August 2016! The program includes free coaching services and free Nicotine Replacement Therapy.

MOQC in partnership with Michigan Cancer Consortium is sponsoring an initiative to change clinical culture and practice patterns to ensure that every patient being treated for cancer who uses tobacco is identified, advised to quit, and offered scientifically sound treatments. Over 30 sites are currently participating, and we are now seeking additional participants. A two hour training session is all that is required for your site to get started.