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Tracey Cargill-Smith

I never thought two days before my birthday on 1/13/2020 I would be diagnosed with breast cancer. Normally a 50th birthday is a milestone to celebrate, but instead my 50th birthday was trying to understand why and how I got breast cancer. I always ate healthy and walked one or two miles a day and no one else in my family had breast cancer. Breast cancer never crossed my mind.

Cancer is an overall horrible thing that everyone wishes to fight, destroy, and win the battle. I believe POQC will make an impact helping communities focus on the challenges Cancer Patients/ survivors face and will contribute to helping to better the quality of life for Cancer patients. In my opinion, POQC is a true advocate for the Cancer community.

I do not take one breath for granted. I wake up grateful every single day. I am grateful for my cat, my family and all of the people I have met along my cancer journey. I always find joy. Going through cancer really taught me how to count the small joys. The small joys are the big ones.