Fertility – If you have sperm

Talk to your doctor

Having cancer and going through cancer tr­­­eatment can cause individuals with sperm to lose their fertility (the ability to have a baby). It is important to talk to your cancer doctor about your fertility.

Your cancer doctor may refer you to a reproductive endocrinologist (a doctor who treats problems related to fertility). You will need to give permission to the fertility doctor to send test results and reports to your cancer doctor.  Your doctors will provide the correct forms to you.

Cancer and Fertility

Your cancer type, treatment, and age can affect your fertility. Fertility can be affected for a short time, or it can be affected for a longer period of time or even permanently. If you have sperm, losing fertility can be the result of

  • Damage to sperm caused by chemotherapy
  • Damage to sperm caused by radiation
  • Surgery to remove testicles or prostate
  • Hormonal treatments

Some individuals can make sperm and have a baby after cancer treatment. Sperm freezing is a common option that is available.