MOQC Measures Update

Chemotherapy intent (curative vs. non-curative) documented before or within 2 weeks after administration
Oral chemotherapy monitored and addressed on visit/contact following start of therapy
Tobacco cessation counseling administered or patient referred in past year
NK1RA & olanzapine prescribed or administered with high-risk chemotherapyX
NK1RA or olanzapine administered with 1st cycle low/moderate emetic risk (lower is better)X
Complete family history documented in patients with invasive cancer
GCSF administered to patients who received chemotherapy with non-curative intent (lower is better)
Hospice enrollmentX
Hospice enrollment & enrollment within 7 days of death (lower is better)X
Hospice enrollment for greater than 30 days
Chemotherapy administered within the last 2 weeks of life (lower is better)