b'NEWSMICHIGAN ONCOLOGY QUALITY CONSORTIUM SPRING 2020Letter from the Program DirectorThank you to all of you who were able toDeepest thanks to our outgoing Steering Committee members for attend our January Biannual meeting at thetheir service. Please see the the list of our current Steering Inn at St. Johns in Plymouth. We had greatCommittee members on our website, including those whom we turnout and participation. If you werentwelcome as new members to the Committee.able to attend and would like to watch We are currently enrolling to a study (Principal Investigator, Chithra any of the presentations, videos of thePerumalswami, MD, MSc) exploring clinicians experiences with presentations are available in the Pastchemotherapy at the end of life. Your input is extremely valuable. Meeting Library on our website See inside for a full description, and thank you to those who have (moqc.org/resources/past-meeting-library). already participated. This is a wonderful MOQC-wide study to Dr. Jennifer GriggsThe Culture and Faith Panel offered a richunderstand an important aspect of care.Program Director discussion of how to incorporate what is sacred to patient and family care, particularly surroundingAs you know, our value-based reimbursement (VBR) measuresimportant and difficult conversations. Our Panel members and theare currently based on performance on quality measures and clinicians who presented their cases offered deep insights into howattendance at meetings. If you are interested in attending the we can provide the best care for our diverse patient populations. June Measures Committee meeting (specific date will be announced soon), feel welcome to attend. If you cant attend the Our Regional Meetings are coming up (see the schedule later Measures Committee meeting, no worrieswell make sure thatin this newsletter). We will be reviewing practice and regionalwe update everyone as soon as these measures are created.performance on our new measures and will also have aFinally, we are in need of additional members for the Data presentation on palliative radiation therapy in patients onIntegration, Research, and Publications Committee. The workload palliative care and on hospice. We are trying to harmonize carefor the important Committee is minimal, and the impact is great.across the state and develop a pathway to offer radiation therapy to patients who are eligible for palliative radiation therapy in theAnd finally (for real this time), check us out on Twittermost patient-centered way. Please invite your radiation oncology(@MOQCTeam) for updates on relevant cancer articles,colleagues to these meetings. Remember, continuing educationquality of care updates, and other news from MOQC. credits are available for physicians, nurses, and social workers.Jennifer Griggs, MD, MPH, FACP, FASCOPatient andPOQC can utilize to make contributions andwant to give back but has not found an positive, sustainable change forMOQC andavenue for contribution, let the Coordinating Caregiver Oncologyothers. center know. They can organize a Quality CouncilFollowing Amandas session, Kirsten Mowreyconversation between a POQC member and (POQC) led a community grief ritual to help POQCthe interested party. members harvest all of the benefits of theIN THIS ISSUEOn January 16th, 2020, the day before thetrials and tribulations of their individual first MOQC Biannual Meeting of the year,journeys with cancer. A safe place was2Letter from the Program Co-DirectorPOQC held their first full day retreat at the offered to those in attendance to touch2Partnerships: MDHHS and Ovarian Grant Inn at St. Johns in Plymouth, MI. Using theupon mutual sorrows and to support one2Practice Spotlight: Downriver Oncology Centerpower of small groups, the goal was to createanother on their life paths. 3Clinical ChampionsNew for You! opportunities for introverts and extrovertsPOQCs next steps will be to develop 20203Palliative Radiation for Oncology Patients alike to share and shine. projects and measurable goals that support,with Bone Metastases The agenda opened with a session on thenurture, and enhance MOQCs focus on4Quality Projects: Updatesuccesses and challenges of patient andimproving the quality of cancer care that5PROM-Onc Project Updatefamily advisory groups. Moderator Amandapatients receive across the State. 5MOQC Tobacco Cessation Video5Oncologists Attitudes Regarding Itliong took attendees through an interactivePOQC is always looking for more members. Chemotherapy for Patients Near End of Life session centered around best practices thatIf you feel you know someone who might6MOQC Measures7MOQC Meetings 2020 Schedule1'