Patient Reported Outcomes in Oncology (PROMOnc)


Review the benefits of collecting and using patient reported outcomes in your cancer practice.


Review the requirements of starting patient reported outcomes in your cancer practice. MOQC is calling this project PROMOnc, which stands for Patient Reported Outcome and Measurement in Oncology.


Contact Shayna Weiner, Project Coordinator to get started. Click Here

Practice Benefits

  1. Targets care interventions for physician and team with patient and caregiver
  2. Increases survival compared with usual care when PROs are integrated into routine care of patients with metastatic cancer (Basch, 2017)
  3. Meets outcome measure & performance improvement requirements for Medicare’s Merit Based Incentive Payment (MIPS) program
  4. Provides trended practice and physician data to focus quality improvement and investment strategies on evidence-based programs to improve symptom management

PROM Requirements


  • A MOQC practice with a current participation agreement
  • Demonstrates a consistent submission history of data to ASCO-QOPI as a MOQC practice
  • Provides care to Michigan adults (age 18 years and older) with a diagnosis of cancer

Minimum Requirements

  • Leadership and active involvement by physician with plan/do/check/act cycle of improvement
  • Ability to use pre-set materials that can be adapted to practice
  • Passion for improving care in this population
  • TBD


  • To improve the care of patients receiving chemotherapy for curative intent (effective July, 2019) through the use of PRO data.
  • The patients who are experiencing breast, non small cell lung cancer, or colon cancer will be asked to participate in PRO surveys at participating practices.


  • Health related quality of life
  • Pain
  • Fatigue

Health Related Quality of Life Survey


Pain Survey


Fatigue Survey

Fatigue Survey

Notes on the three surveys


If you are interested in participating in MOQC’s PROMOnc program, please contact:

E-mail Shayna Weiner, Project Coordinator, or call (734) 232-0043.