Checklist for Ovarian Cancer Operative Note Dictation

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Please make sure to include the following data elements in your operative note.

  • Debulking Status – Primary vs. Interval Debulking
  • Staging Information – If available based on imaging (for example, at least stage IIIc for a patient with a biopsy-proven lesion of the omentum) Link to ovarian cancer staging
  • Surgery Type – Open/Robotic/Laparoscopic
  • Residual Disease Status – Please specify if:
    • No residual disease (R0 or no visible disease)
    • Optimally debulked (1-5 mm largest visible disease)
    • Optimally debulked (6-10 mm visible disease)
    • Sub-optimally debulked (>10 mm disease residual)
      • For suboptimally debulked patients, specify the size and location of residual disease
  • Surgical Complexity Scoring – Use the calculator below to get the score
    (Aletti GD, Dowdy SC, Podratz KC, Cliby WA. Relationship among surgical complexity, short-term morbidity, and overall survival in primary surgery for advanced ovarian cancer. Am J Obstet Gynecol. 2007;197(6):676.e1-e7.)